Which compound contains ionic bonds?


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NaCl---Common table salt, made of sodium and chlorine.

Sodium, Na, is the cation and donates one electron to chlorine and is written------ Na^+

Chlorine is the anion and accepts one electron from sodium into its valance shell and is written-----Cl^-

Both are neutral as a solid, but in solution both are charged ions and will conduct electricity.

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An ionic bond compound is made up of a metal and a non-metal: That's how you can tell them apart.

Here are some exampes of compounds with ionic bonds:

NaBr - sodium bromide
KBr - potassium bromide
NaCl - sodium chloride
NaF - sodium fluoride
KI - potassium iodide
KCl - potassium chloride
CaCl2 - calcium chl

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