Describe the effect of poverty as the member of a social group?


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Poverty affects social groups in several ways, generally they are all negative.

In the following paragraph I will look at the reprecussions and effects on poverty, and how it can put a lot of pressure on specific social groups:

  1. Poverty increases crime. When people don't have money, they are more likely to steal, rob, and cheat their way through the hard times.
  2. It creates an atmosphere of hostility. Those who have more resources are hated and slandered. Those who have little are marginalised and neglected.
  3. Poverty makes it difficult for social groups that previously lived in harmony to get along. Hardship and anguish must be vented eventually. Often this doesn't happen in the best or most constructive way.

If you want an example of poverty decimating a social group that was previously functional, look at the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

They live in squalid camps now, having fled war in Syria. This has led to hostility between families who uses to be neighbours, now competing for resources.

And where there was once gratitude to the Lebanese authorities for providing refugees with a safe haven, there is now hostility towards them as conditions in the camp deteriorate, and disease spreads.

Rather than savours, suddenly the Lebanese authority seem more like prison guards.

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