I Replaced The SKIM. Need The Expensive DRB III To Reinitialize The System. Is There A Cheaper Alternative ?


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To answer your questions, yes & no,. If you have a automotive locksmith in your area that has the right equipment (or DBR III) and they program chrysler transponder keys, they can do it for you. You have to give them some info first.
Like, why was the SKIM replaced.
Do you still have the old one?
The new one that you have now. Is it brand new from the dealer (this is called a virgin SKIM because there's no info (PIN #) written on the chip). Or, is it used from another vehicle.
Do you have the pin# itself? Some people do. A potential problem could occur if the SKIM is changed & the pin is changed from the manufacture pin & your keys get lost.
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Yes, the DRB III is, indeed, a very costly scan tool. However, you need not worry at all since the cheapest alternative to the DRB III scan tool is the OBD-II (which is an abbreviation for On Board Diagnostics-II). OBD-II is the second improvement over the basic On Board Diagnostics, which is known as OBD-I.

OBD-II is not only one of the cheapest alternatives to the DRB-III scan tools, but it is also an improvement over all the earlier models of scan tools in terms of both capability and standardisation.

The OBD-II standard is not only used to describe the type of diagnostic connector, but also other specifications such as its pinout, the electrical signalling protocols which are available and the format which will be used for messaging. Apart from these specifications, it also provides the candidate a list of vehicle parameters which can be used to monitor as well as how the encode the data for each of these vehicle parameters.
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Can I do programming & initialization of the different modules with the OBD-II or will I still need the DRB-III???
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Wow that was completely non-responsive from a person who knows nothing about Chrysler computers.

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