How Big In Inches Is A 325/60/20 Tire For A Pickup?


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Pickup trucks require tyres based on their sizes, so it’s not possible for one tyre to fit every kind of truck since there are so many different makes and models of trucks on the market today. Therefore, knowing your truck’s specifications is important when you are out tyre shopping, as even being off by a little bit could mean that the tire that you are purchasing won’t be the right fit and size. Depending on the type and tread of a tyre, measurements can widely vary. Winter tyres, for example, can measure larger if you include the added length of the tread where as slicker tyres, like road tyres, can measure smaller for the same reasons.
A 325/60/20 tire measures about 35" x 20". This is a rounded total so the tyre will actually be a little bigger in both height and width. However, most 35” space will likely fit a 325/60/20 tyre because they tend to have a little extra room, but anything smaller will not work. For that reason, you should try to make your estimate as accurate as possible because you don’t want to get the tyre that you are purchasing back to your truck only to discover that you need to make a trip back to the tyre store.
The best way to assess whether any tyre will fit a pick up is to measure both the space on the pickup itself and the tyre itself. This will give the most accurate measurements and, as a result, the most accurate fit.
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That is a 36 inch tire from the ground to the top of the tire. I have them on my 2004 chevy tahoe
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According to the site I found they are 35 "x 20"

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