How Big Is Paris In Meters? (Its For A Project)


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The city of Paris is divided into city squares, each city square contains, one of the historical sites, in the city of Paris. The city of Paris is oval shaped, and is approximately 86928 square meters. One of the most famous squares is Place de I'Etoile, which has been renamed Place Charles de Gaulle in 1970, to honor President de Gaulle. However, most Parisians continue to call it Place de I'Etoile.

The square is located almost in the center of Axe Historique, which is a row of monuments, buildings and thoroughfares extending outward from the center of Paris. Twelve avenues lead toward Place de I'Toile, where the avenues meet this junction is the most dangerous junction in the world. It is point, at which an accident occurs every twelve minutes.

In 1860, the size of the oval shaped city of Paris was 86.928 square kilometers, 33.56 miles in area. The urban area of Paris is about 26 times larger than the city itself. The metropolitan area of Paris is approximately 14,518 km, 5, 605.5 mi. With additional annexations in 1929, Paris grew to its present size of 105.397 square kilometers, 40.46 mi.

The population of the City of Paris is approximately 2,153, 600. The Urban area has approximately 9.93 million and combined population 11.5 million makes Paris one of the most populated cities of Europe.

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