What Does Mars Mean?


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In Roman mythology, Mars is the name of the god of war. It is also the name of the planet which is fourth from the sun which is prominent due to its red colour. The term mars could also refer to an inflected form of the infinitive 'to mar', meaning blemish, spoil, destroy or injure
While these are the three most common references to the word, it may refer to myriad places, people and things. For instance it could be used to refer to the Mars probe program, which was a series of unmanned craft that were launched by the Soviet Union during the early 1970s.
In Astrology it could refer to ♂, which is the Mars Icon; or it could be that series of qualities and influences thought to be related to the planet Mars. In Confectionery Mars Inc. Is a popular confectioner which also produces a chocolate bar called Mars Bar.
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If I understand Correctly...Mars was named after the Roman God of War.Also referred to as"The Red Planet" because of its reddish appearance.Mars is the site of Olympus Mons,the highest known Mountain in the solar system.
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Mars was the god of war in Roman and Greek mythology, he was also called Ares.
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Mars is a masculine name. It is a name for the roman god mars, who is ares in greek Mythology
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Many planets were named after mythological gods what is mars named after?

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