What Is Mars Disease?


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Mars is not a disease but is in fact an intelligent diagnosis system to detect human genetic diseases.

The MARS consists of comprehensive database of human genetic disease information (dbSNP, OMIM, HGMD, etc.) and mutation detection system. The MARS automatically finds mutation candidates (including information of position, base and type) in specific genes from electropherograms of clinical samples (i.e. DNA sequences), and then estimates their reliabilities to confirm whether real mutation or base-calling error.

Finally the system links sequence data to mutation-specific information in diverse databases publicly available. MARS is implemented as extensible system with relational database management system and user-friendly web-interface.

The system integrates a set of software for database building and collection, mutation detection and an algorithm with quality estimation of each mutation and a secured authorisation module for protection of private genetic information.

MARS presents useful information not only for medical doctors to diagnose genetic disease, but also scientists to research linkage of gene mutation and genetic disease. Also the system can be useful to take counsel with patients and/or people who have high risk for genetic disease.

The first release of MARS contains genetic information of MECP2 related with Rett syndrome. Current release of MARS is available at
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It isn't a disease, it is a way of analysing the causes of a disease. It's called Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines, and you can learn a bit more about it here. After that it would probably be best to consult a medical website.

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