Is it easy for you to concentrate?


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Izzy SouthernGirl Profile

Nope I get distracted so easily !

Pauline Mclaughlin Profile

I am awful, I find it very difficult to concentrate. I have alway beem like this and I remember my report cards from as young as 5 years old saying that "Pauline is often in a world of her own, daydreaming" I guess they thought I would grow out of it at some point but at 34 years old I guess this is just me!

It's really annoying though as I can't even fully focus on things I like for example a film, I will be loving it but then notice I've been watching my dog for ages and don't know what's happening in the film. It's weird.

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Alice X. R. answered

I have ADHD so no I have a terribly hard time focusing on pretty much anything except my art, my writing, and my music. ~ Alice X. R.

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