Is Intelligence Being Phased Out Of The Gene Pool?


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G'day Demosthene,

Thank you for your question.

I don't think so. As a species, we are as intelligent as we ever were - whch may not be saying much.

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I think it is. Today we rely more and more on technology and people do not apply as much intelligence as they should because they have something else that does it for them. The thing with the technology is...things malfunction and I believe when that happens people are just going to be so lost because they will have to think and act for themselves.
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So it seems. All evidence I've accumulated foreshadows a still murkier future for the human gene pool. Something to look forward to.
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When you look at the state of those who have lots of kids, you do have to wonder.....
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I don't think so; some people are very intelligent, but they have a whole dumb family. I, myself, am very different from my parents in this category.
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Zaphod  Beeblebrox
I just see all of these stupid questions on here, and it depresses the hell out of me sometimes how stupid people can be.
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I don't think I can post the video here.... But yes, watch the opening scene from the movie Idiocracy. Oh heck the whole movie should do this question justice.
This will explain how it happens :)
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Monica Smith
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LOL I loved that many people said I was slow because I enjoyed it so much! =)
Zaphod  Beeblebrox
You remember that question I asked a while back? With the clip from "Sports Science"?
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It is being phased out of the gene pool.
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"The Gene Pool" denotes a generalization of sorts.

To say that intelligence is being phased out of the entire gene pool is erroneous. Now, breeding done within an already greatly diminished IQ community here and there? That is very possible.

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I think what we see is a widening of the gap between the "haves" and "have nots". I can assure you there are plenty of extremely intelligent people out there, but they are, admittedly, in the minority. But this has always been the case.

The emergence of social media, particularly, has allowed for the greater majority of the "have nots" (and I am being polite) to be seen and heard, unfiltered and in full throat with, shall we say, disturbing frequency.

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LOL!! I've got to laugh, this is a very old question being used by Terry Willis to advertise a site that will "write your essays for you." Does that answer the question?

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Terry Willis for seems to suggest websites that may minimize the need for intelligence to function when it is necessary to put one's thoughts on paper.

If enough people allow others to think for them, perhaps evolution will minimize it.

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