What are some habits of modern life that affect our sensory organs?


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Many habits of modern life affect our sensory organs. Take,
for example, smoking. Although the habit is rapidly going out of fashion, it
continues to impact on people's long-term health. 

Sensory organs being affected by modern day life

However, in the short term,
smoking changes the way the human senses of taste and smell function. The
chemicals in the smoke debilitate both of these senses so that foods taste
blander and smells are less easily detected.

it comes to eyesight, there's one big factor of modern day life that is making
a detrimental difference: Screens. 

Bad habits that affect your eyes

All day people are looking at glaring,
flickering computer screens, TVs, phones and tablets. This is leaving our eyes
fatigued and strained meaning that we need glasses, contacts or even surgery at
an ever-earlier age. Here are some tips on avoiding or coping with this

is another sense that deserves our care. Don't abuse your ears with MP3s turned
up to crazy volumes or club nights with beats so loud your body vibrates. Look
after your senses and they'll look after you!

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I would like to support one of the commenters who mentioned smoking, as this harmful habit really affects our sensory organs in the worst manner. As soon as I refused from smoking cigarettes in favor to dry herb vape , my senses of smell and taste became sharper.

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