What are some reasons for believing in the accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information?


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Reasons to believe in the accuracy of sensory

1.  At what time you touch something hot, your intelligence of feeling will
send messages to your brain and you can take away your hand (or other part of
your body) before you get burn.

2.  Your logic of smell can signal when there is risk. When you smell smoke,
there is a flames, or at the very least a little smoldering, so you can trust
the correctness of that sensory in order.

3.  The information provide by your sense of sight typically provides correct
information about the world approximately you. If you see two people discussion,
there is no reservation about them actually talking. If you see the sun throughout
the day, you know it is not a cloudy day, etc.

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Hi Jason, Listen to your own feedback. Sensorial information is not cognitive, it comes from the inside out, like a mobius strip, a continum - So think of an  experience that wasn't good for you  and how's that for you, what are you feeling, seeing, hearing. Don't think of winning at sport, but hey you did win -what's the feedback what are you feeling,seeing, hearing that sort of thing. A guy tells you a story, it does not add up, you can see its on the wrong track- what are you saying in response - or want to say.  You know your girlfriend's telling a lie, a bit short of the truth, what's your reacton...So  you get  feedback from your five senses. And some people say they have a sixth sense. Hope useful. It's about your beliefs and disbeliefs.  Hope useful.

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