What Does Precipitation Mean?


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Precipitation mean the quantity of water falling to earth at a specific place within a specified period of time.
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Precipitation is a technical term and it is used to convey the idea of falling of snow or rain and also the amount of rain or snow that has fallen. The following sentence can make you understand the word as we all know that unless a word is used in context, it is hardly possible for anybody to understand the word well: In recent years it is noticed that there is substantial increase in the annual precipitation. The sentence says that there has been increase in the amount of snow or rain that falls on a particular area.

The word has its uses in the realm of science also as it describes a phenomenon in chemistry. The word can be used for a chemical process that is characterised by the separation of the solid material from the liquid substance.
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Precipitation in meteorology is a term that refers to water that falls from the sky to the good old earth in any form whatsoever. The form it usually takes is rain, snow, hail, virga, freezing rain, sleet or dew.

Precipitation is what brings us most of our fresh water. It is a part of the hydrologic cycle.

The hydrologic cycle begins with condensation. Where hot air rises and carries moisture with it. The process then leads to condensation where particles of water vapour form clouds at higher altitudes due to cooler temperatures. The next stage is coalescence, where tiny water droplets that have formed within the clouds collide due to air turbulence, merge and due to their size and weight descend as a blessing on to the earth.

The term precipitation when used while referring to a place signifies the amount of rainfall that the place in question receives annually. It is usually calculated in millimeters.

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Precipitation mainly refers to three things in this world. First in terms of meteorology it refers to rain, snow and other forms of water falling from the sky. It is generally formed due to condensation, Coalescence and Bergeron process. Precipitation is a main constituent of the hydrologic cycle, and is also accountable for depositing fresh water on the earth.
Next in terms of chemistry it refers to the concentration of a solid object from a solution throughout a chemical reaction. When the chemical reaction takes place the solid shaped is called the precipitate. This happens due to the insoluble substance, the impulsive, is shaped in the solution due to a reaction or when the result has been supersaturated by a amalgam.
And last it refers to in terms of a horse; a Thoroughbred racehorse. It is a Chestnut color horse and was born in 1933.
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Precipitation Pre*cip`I*ta"tion, n. (Meteor.) A deposit on the earth of hail, mist, rain, sleet, or snow; also, the quantity of water deposited
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The word precipitate can be used in three forms and you can use it as a verb, as a noun and also as an adjective. You can use the word to convey the idea of making something happen sooner than it would have happened in the normal course. The word is usually used especially for something that is bad and the synonymous terms that you can use to convey the same idea are 'bring on' and 'spark off'. Given below is a sentence that can make you understand the word quite well: The resignation of the prime minister has precipitated the leadership crisis. In the above mentioned sentence the word precipitate is used because there happened something bad like the crisis of leadership and that make us use the word.

When you are conjugating the word with 'something or somebody into something' you are suddenly forcing a person or thing into a particular condition.

The word can also be used as for a kind of action that is done without much thought or care. And when you are using the word in chemistry it conveys the idea of a solid substance that is separated from liquid with the help of a chemical process.
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It is the formation of a solid in a solution or inside another solid during a chemical reaction.
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The precipitate in science is a precipitated solid substance in suspension or after settling or filtering.

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