What do scientists often use to study microevolution?


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Microevolution, by definition, is a gradual mutation of gene frequency within a population over a period of time. These are very slow and subtle changes but can have vast impact on it's species, hence the study of such must be delicate and considerate.

Microevolution can occur as a result of one of the following

  • Mutation
  • Selection
  • Genetic drift
  • Gene flow

To understand, analyse and study this process, scientists use "Population genetics" as their groundwork for analysis. This, in itself, is a mode of studying the various and ever-changing patterns of distribution in allele frequencies within a species. Essentially, the study of this work involves a mixture of lab work, field work and theory. It also involves studying the direction, change and movement of gene frequencies over a period of time. The data, analysis and findings are often stored as data computationally. 

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