When Was 35mm First Invented?


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35 mm refers to the basic size of a photographic film. This film was first invented in around 1894-1895. These were the efforts of the great scientist Thomas Alva Edison and his assistant W. K. L. Dickson. Edison cut and made perforations into the 19/16 inch photographic film and made 35 mm photographic films. Eastman first, in 1892, began providing these film strips to Edison. This was followed by Blair Camera Company, New York from 1893 -1896.

Edison used four perforations per frame, while Lumiere Brothers developed a frame using one circular perforation. In early twentieth century and the late nineteenth century many different film gauges that ranged from 13 mm to 75 mm were developed independently by various projection systems. 35 mm gauge was accepted at internationally in the year 1909. It now incorporates colour, sound, and a safer base for the coating, digital sound data and wide-screen formats
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Thomas Alva Edison stole the invention, he killed the man on a train, but then improved it.

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