What Does Presque Isle Mean In English?


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Many places in Unites States of America are named Presque Isle. This word is contracted as Presqu'isle. Presqu'isle or Presque isle means peninsula. The word peninsula is a combination of two words- paene and insula. Paene means almost and insula means island. The word Presque has French origin. In the French language, Presque Isle also means almost an island. Thus, places that are situated on peninsulas are named Presque Isle.

Some of the places by the name Presque Isle are: Presque Isle, Wisconsin and Presque Isle State Park, Pennsylvania. The first place is in Vilas County and has proclaimed itself as 'Walleye Capital of the World'. The second place is on sandy peninsula found in Lake Erie. Presque Isle is also a city in Maine. The US state of Michigan holds a county by the name Presque Isle.
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It is usually pronounced as - PRESK AHYL
PRESQUE being a French word has an alternative pronunciation: "PRESSKAY"
As its a name of a place thus a proper noun you can use either of the two pronunciations. People with a French background or an interest in French language go for PRESSKAY, which I feel is the right way to pronounce the word.

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