How Big Is The Isle Of Wight?


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About the same size as the Isle of Wong.....:)
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Isle of Wight is rather small and more or less diamond in shape. Its total area is roughly 147 square miles (that is, 380 square km). The island is truly the smallest ceremonial county situated in England (not counting either Bristol or even the City of London)

The Isle of Wight is popular English island as well as county, positioned off England's southern coast, just to the south of well known County of Hampshire. This island belongs as part of the United Kingdom. It's a great tourist destination. It's celebrated for rich heritage.

As per the official Isle of Wight tourism site you can dial +44 (0) 1983 813 813 for booking accommodation here via phone, or simply call for general enquiries. You can book online here or via email as well.

Visit for tourism details.

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