What Is The Chemical Composition For Natural Gem Stones, With Their Percentages, Say For Corundum, Beryl Etc?


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The chemical composition of gemstones is basically what they are made up of. They are described by gemmologists with the help of technical specifications. This includes their chemical composition. For instance a diamond is chiefly made up of carbon, or a ruby is chiefly aluminium oxide.

The corundum is basically a crystalline form of the chemical aluminium oxide. It is one of the minerals that form rock. Its chemical composition is aluminum oxide, Al2O3.The ruby is actually a red variety of this stone

The beryl on the other hand has a chemical composition of Be3Al2(SiO3)6 which basically stands for beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate. The pure form of beryl is colourless but is often tinted with impurities so it comes in a variety of beautiful colours including red, white, yellow, green and blue.
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A gemstone is mineral or rock. It is faceted and then polished. There are over 130 such rocks or minerals that have been made into gems. Among these 50 are used commonly. The composition that is the substance of which these are made with their percentages can be found on any website especially designed for gemstones or you can conduct a search for any gemstone composition. Just type 'chemical composition' followed by the name of a gemstone. Generally, diamonds are made of carbon and rubies of aluminium oxide (Al2O3). Corundum is Aluminium oxide and is mineralogical or gemological name. The related varieties of Corundum are sapphire and ruby.

The hardness of Corundum is fixed at 9. The refractive index of this kind of gemstones is 1.759 – 1.767 to 1.770 – 1.779. The specific gravity for corundum is 3.96 – 4.01. The crystals of this gem are trigonal.
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The composition of beryl is Be3A12Si6018 and is a silicate mineral composed of beryllium silicate. Some of these gems contain iron, manganese, nitrate, and carbonate. The variety of beryl gems vary in the color, shape, durablity and hardness of the gems. The mixture of chemicals creates the many varieties of Beryl gems such as Emeralds, Acquamarine, Golden Beryl , Goshenite and others.

The composition of Corundum is A1203, they come from volcanic rock, metamorphic rock and contain basalts. Some of the rubies and sapphires also contain rutile crystals, Chemical composition (Ti02) which, causes the star effect in the Star sapphire.

There is a variety of interesting information on these natural gems and many others on the website list below. In any of the material I found on this sight and other sites the percentages of the chemical composition was not included. www.socrates.berkeley.edu/~eps2/wisc./lect8.html

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