What Are The Percentages Of Earth's Water, Counting Fresh Water, Salt Water And All That Stuff?


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Earth is known as a watery planet, the reason is that when it is being viewed from space the blue color is the most dominant one. 74% of the earth surfaces it known to be covered with water.

97% of that water is contained by the oceans, contains salt and is not fit for use and the remaining 3% is what we use to know as freshwater. The 77% of this freshwater is stored in the form of ice like ice glaciers etc and the 22% is stored as groundwater and soil moisture. The 1% left of the freshwater is present in the lakes, rivers and wetlands.
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Salt water may not be fit for human consumption, but humans depend on it nonetheless. Without ocean life, there would be no human life. Much of the ocean's life cannot live in fresh water.

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