What percentage of Pakistanis agree that their children should have their own cell phone?


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Without undertaking an extensive and thorough piece of wide-reaching research, it doesn't seem possible to say for sure what percentage of Pakistanis think their children should have a separate cell phone. However, we can review the sort of considerations a Pakistani parent might make when making that decision:

Will my child be safer with a cell phone?

Lots of mums and dads think their children will be protected by having a cell phone as they can use it to call home or call the police if they are lost or in danger.

Will my child run up a massive bill?

Parents worry that children with access to a cell phone will use it excessively, thus costing them a lot.

Will my child become preoccupied with the cell phone?

For some parents cell phones stop children from socialising or interacting properly with the world, leaving them shy, or socially awkward.

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