How Big Is Australia Compared To England?


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Australia is massive. It's either the world's largest island or the world's smallest continent depending on which definition you subscribe to. Either way, Australia is 7.6 million square kilometres in size.

England, whether or not you actually mean the UK as a whole, is tiny by comparison at just 244,104 square kilometres. You could fit Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland into Australia 31 times and still have a bit left over.

In terms of area, the UK is the world 79th largest country, well behind Australia which is placed 6th in the league table of countries listed by area.

Population wise, Australia is not very densely populated with only 2.6 people per square kilometre, the result of having a population of just 20.6 million.

By comparison, the UK population density is 243 people per square kilometre thanks to its 60 million strong population count.
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Around 40-50times big!!
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Pretty big! But it has a very small population.
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Australia was an ex british colney and it was used as a prison, an the prisons stayed there was given there freedom, so eventually Australia got its independence from our good pals in the UK thats why were part of the Commonwealth, and have the union jack on our flag. The second lot of people came in the 40`s when the UK was war-torn, so we havent had a lot lot of people more to our fair island, unlike the UK that had all the saxons, Romans, vikings, etc. That is why Australia want skilled migrants.
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Population of australia and england
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Well Australia is a lot lot bigger so I would say around 85 miles longer and 50 miles wider ok?
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Hey I found this information in Wikipedia.

The surface of England is 130,395 km2The surface of Australia (country) is 7,741,220 km2So Australia is 7,610,825 km2 bigger than England.

Or Australia is about 59.4 times as big as England.
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If you live in the middle of australia how long would it take you to reach any coastline

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