Which Are The Least Populated Parts Of Australia?


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The Northern Territory, whose capital is the city of Darwin, is the most barren as well as the least populated region of Australia. The area has just one per cent of the country's populations who live in almost 20 per cent of the total area. You will find bulk of the population living alongside the temperate south-eastern coastline. The interiors of Australia and the Australian outback tend to be sparsely populated. This is because most of the area on the continent is desert region or semi-arid.

It is only the south-west areas and the south east corners that experience a temperate climate. Australia itself is the largest inhabited island in the world along with being the least populated continent. While it holds the distinction of being the world's smallest continent, it is the largest continent to be occupied by just one nation.

The continent is one with dramatic landscapes. It boasts of everything from sunny beaches to tropical rainforests and coral reefs to bush land. It also has a number of well developed cosmopolitan cities.

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