What Type Of Inheritance Pattern Does Thae Trait Represented By The Shaded Symbols In Figure 12-1 Illustrated?


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Without the figure mentioned in the question, it is impossible to identify the type of inheritance pattern that the shaded symbols in the said pattern alludes to.

But what I can do is provide you with a list of different types of inheritance patterns with brief explanations, and hopefully you can combine this with "Figure 12-1" and compute the correct answer.

Inheritance patterns are graphics that clarify the diffusion of genetically encoded conditions, diseases or qualities to further generations, and can be broadly split into three main categories:

  • Mendelian: Commonly known as 'Single Gene', these are genetic conditions whose patterns are easily anticipated and traceable within families because they are caused by a mutation in a single gene.

  • Mitochondrial: Also known as maternal inheritance, this is where genetic mutations are passed through the mitochondria, which are predominately found in the eggs of the female of the species, though traces can also be found in the male reproductive cells.

  • Multifactorial: The clue is in the question, it's not a singular gene mutating but is the outcome of many genetic factors and environmental factors interacting. A multifactorial genetic mutation can predispose an individual to a disease rather than be genetically determined to get it.

The Mendelian category can further be broken down into the following sub-categories:

  • Autosomal dominant
  • Autosomal recessive
  • X-linked dominant
  • X-linked recessive
Where autosomal means it is part of the 22 pairs of non-sex determining chromosomes (autosomes), and x-linked means it's part of an x chromosome.

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