How many rings does Saturn have?


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Saturn has seven ring groups which consist of four prominent groups of rings and three narrower groups of rings.  The seven ring groups, however, consist of thousands and thousands of smaller rings. 

Some interesting facts about Saturn

  • Saturn's nickname is the jewel of the solar system due to it's incredibly beautiful ring system.  In fact, many people consider Saturn to be the most aesthetically pleasing planet.
  • Although Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system, you could fit around 1,600 Saturns within the Sun.
  • A single year on Saturn consists of 10,759 days, made up of 10 hours and 39 minute long days. 
  • Unlike Earth, Saturn generates its heat internally rather than from the Sun.  This is because its so far away from the Sun, and therefore, the weather on Saturn is determined by the internal conditions of the planet.
  • Saturn's ring system is so wide that they cover a whopping distance of 175,000 miles, although they're only a few hundred feet thick!
  • Saturn's rings may no longer exist in 50 million years.  In fact, scientists speculate that they will either will be sucked into the planet by Saturn's gravitational pull, or will dissolve into space completely. 

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