How Many Moons Does Saturn Have?


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200 have been observed but most of these are just asteroids which have been temporarily wrested from their orbits.

Only 61 are captured in secure orbits.
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Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and can be described as a gas giant, with external planetary rings. The exact number of Saturn's moons is difficult to decide, due to the large masses of ice that orbit the planet's rings being technically classified as moons. There are 56 natural satellites that fall into this category, and are divided into the following categories: the ring shepherds, the co-orbitals, the inner large moons, the Trojan moons, the outer large moons and the irregular satellites. Seven of this large group can be defined as more traditional moons as a result of collapsing into a spheroid shape from the weight of their own gravity. The most notable of these is Titan, which is the only moon in the solar system to have a dense atmosphere. The other moons are all named after the titans of Greek mythology, and run as follows: Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, Rhea and Iapetus.
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61 so far in secure orbit
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Saturn has 61 known moons in the universe. Here are some of them: Bestla, Greip, Tarqeq, Anthe, Fornjot and many more
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I heard over 60..

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