What Does A Oxygen Atom Model Look Like?


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The diagram appears with eight protons and eight neutrons on the inside, and eight electronics on the outside. Everything is symbolized by circles that are connected by a circular line. The eight electrons are on the outer line circle whilst the neutrons and protons are located on the inside circles. You can make your own model by drawing it on paper, but many people like a larger and 3D model. The instructions below will help you make your own oxygen atom model.

Remember that the molecules you use in this structure need two bonds. So use some Styrofoam balls and paint them one solid color. You could also use two tennis balls. They will need a sufficient amount of time in order to dry so they can be used the way you want to use them.

You will then need to go about cutting a small hole at the top and the bottom of each of the tennis balls. If you're using Styrofoam balls then you can skip this step. You will then need to hold one of the tennis balls with the holes aligned at the top and the bottom. The second tennis ball needs to be placed along side of it so that the intact sides of the balls are touching and the holes are pointing up and down on both.

You then need to push one end of a pipe cleaner into the top hole of one of the balls (or through the Styrofoam). You need then to push the other end into the top of the other ball. Push until there's no slack with the pipe cleaner and it sits evenly on the top of the balls, connecting the two. A second pipe cleaner will be needed to be inserted into the holes on the bottom of the balls. Then just add some glue around the balls.
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Type in " picture of oxygen atom" ( helium atom, iron atom, ect. ) then pictures of the atom your looking should show up at the top of the first page
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An oxygen atom is when it has 8 electrons 8 protons and 8neutrons
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It's basically 2 atoms of oxygen stuck together by a cord. The oxygen molecules are meant to be white and the cord is usually black.

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