Why are single celled offspring identical?


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Single celled organisms undergo asexual reproduction, in which only one parent is involved hence the offsprings will show no variation and will be identical

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Single celled offspring are the product of Asexual Reproduction, a process involving only one parent, and therefore the offspring will be an exact clone and genetically identical to their parent cell.

There are a few different methods of asexual reproduction, the most common of which are:

  • Binary Fission. The equal division of the nucleus and the cytoplasm to form two identical organisms.
  • Budding. The cell divides as above, but this time the nucleus divides equally, and the cytoplasm unequally.
  • Sporulation. Reproduction involving specialised cells from a single parent.

Examples of single cell offspring

We tend to associate asexual reproduction with simple organisms, but there are examples in nature with more complex animals:

  • Hammerhead shark
  • Female boa constrictor
  • Nine-banded armadillo

Asexual reproduction differs from sexual reproduction, in which a new organism is produced by the combination of genetic material from two different organisms - ie. Two parents.

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