Sexually Produced Offspring Often Resemble, But Are Not Identical To, Either Of Their Parents. Explain Why They Resemble Their Parents Butare Not Identical To Either Parent?


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Aileeny's answer is correct, but of course there is also the common additional factor that your biological father may not be who your mother says he is...
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A persons genome is unique ( with the exception of identicals) .This is due to a special type of cell division  called meiosis which causes a random  recombination of the parental chromosomes ensuring uniqueness.   We all inherit 50 per cent each of both parents genepools and sometimes a sibling will inherit more "like" parental genes than another sibling will. It is all a matter of random chance. Just like by chance if some siblings picked randomly a certain number of cards from a pack, some would share more  of the same cards than others would. . But sexual reproduction or having two parents ensures that the offspring are not identical to either parent. Hope this helps.

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