Why does communication break down? How can communication be improved?


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There are many reasons communication tends to breakdown, but fortunately, there are also means to restore it. Some of the reasons and resolutions include:

  • Stubbornness

The quickest way for communication to decline or breakdown is if one or both parties involved refuse to retain an open mind on the matter. 

This means that they are not willing to see the other person's perspective, and in such an event there is absolutely no resolution, just discord. In order to improve this, one must work on understanding another person's perspective. 

Try placing yourself in their shoes and seeing if you can appreciate how they feel. This might make you more sympathetic to their cause.

  • Not taking responsibility for/owning up to mistakes

In a situation where you have clearly been at fault, if you do not care to assume any responsibility for this, it is likely to cause irreconcilable differences. 

When you take responsibility for yourself, and stop pointing the finger at the other, you will begin a journey of self improvement that will inevitably better your relationships and future communication.

I hope this helps.

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