In An Organization How Can Downward Communication Be Improved?


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The Downward communication means the communication between a superior and his subordinates in an organization. The most common problem with downward communication is failure to communicate.
Downward communication might be improved in an organization by following methods:

(a) Establishing systems and mechanisms for regular downward communications such as briefing meetings, appraisal interviews, procedure manuals, induction and coaching programs, newsletters and so on;
(b) Establishing an organization culture in which communication is accepted and valued, for example by:
• Top management setting an example;
• Good communication skills being included in the criteria for selection or promotion of managers, and for appraisal and reward;
• Encouraging 'news swapping'; informally, by providing opportunities and settings for social interaction in the workplace;
• Discouraging excessive status-consciousness among managers (separate canteens and so on) which discourages contact with subordinates;
• Training and coaching managers to communicate more effectively and to use organizational-'house'-media and style;
• Encouraging managers to communicate more confidently, by removing the fear attached to it. This may be achieved by praising managers who communicate; not 'coming down hard' on managers who make errors of judgement in communication at first; and, setting up policies and procedures on communication as guidelines within which managers can feel secure.
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