How Many Oxygen Atoms Are There In Two Calcium Carbonate Molecules?


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First of all we need the formula for Calcium Carbonate which is as follows:

Ca2+ Plus one Carbonate ion which is CO32-, please note that the oxidation state of the Carbonate ion is 2-, therefore Ca and the Carbonate ion are balanced as far as oxidatio or charge is concerned.

Therefore Calcium Carbonate is expressed as CaCO3, now we are in a position to calculate the no. Of Oxygens's in calcium carbonate. We see that Oxygen has a subscript of 3 indicating the no. Of Oxygen atoms present, therefore we have 3 Oxygen atoms present in CaCO3. As we see we must balance for charge before we are in a position to answer the question.

The answer is 3 Oxygen atoms are present in this formula.
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I feel,above answer is wrong , it contains 3 moles of Oxygen :3 /6.023 e24 oxygen atoms.

If we go by your logic then Caco3 will contain only one Ca atom. But it actually contains 6.023 e24 Caclium atom.

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