How To Make A System Analysis And Design Of Any System? Start A Project, Egg Computer Institution Restaurant, Hospital.?


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Well System Analysis and Design, in short (SAD) is a very rigorous and iterative process that requires one to be open minded and make enough room for contingencies so that you are prepared for all eventualities. You may follow following steps in order to design a system as an analyst :-

1) Defining the Problem Statement: For this part you will have to conduct preliminary researches. Many analysts use make extensive use of models and conduct interviews, develop work flow models in order to under stand the current flow of information, services and materials. It will help you to identify the problem areas and identify major loopholes in the system and bottle necks. You will need to consult everyone from front line employees and the top management. Define the problematic areas, some tools you may use in this step can be :
  • flow chart diagrams.
  • Questionnaires and interviews.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis.
After this step you need to devise a time frame and use a project management utility devising the time frame and activities. Set deadlines for yourself.

2) Based on the above step select the applications that would be used in the process and the kind of computer system and software required to automate/update it. You will need to select whether you would choose to buy an off the shelf application or customize a software application catering to their specific needs.

3) Present your final proposal and get the terms and conditions formally agreed to by your client. Do the necessary documentation.

4) Implementation : The most tricky and crucial stage in System Analysis and Design. You will need to help the employees and the management understand the benefits of the proposed system. Then you will implement your solution and train the employees on the new system. You will also need to do the necessary documentation for the applications, also you will need to assess step by step how the process is proceeding and make the necessary changes if the need arises.

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