Can You Explain Interpersonal Skill In System Analysis And Design?


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Interpersonal skills are as follows:

1: Communication:

It is an interpersonal quality; the system analyst must have command on English language. Communication is necessary to establish a proper relationship between system analyst and the user.
Communication is need to
Gather correct information
Establishes a problem solving ideas in front of the management.

2: Understanding:

This is also an interpersonal quality of the system analyst, understanding includes

Understanding of the objectives of the organization.
Understanding the problems of the system.
Understanding the information given by the user or employee of the organization.

3: Selling:

The ideas of the system analyst are his products which he sells to the manager of a particular organization. The system analyst must have not only the ability of creating ideas but also to sell his ideas.

4: Teaching:

It is also an interpersonal quality. A system analyst must have teaching skills. He must have the ability to teach team members and the users. He has to teach about the new system and also about the proper use of the new system.

5: New technology:

An analyst is an agent of change, he or she must have the ability to show all the benefits of the candidate system with the new technological advancement, he must knew about
Advance graphics
Server based networking
Network technology etc.

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