Explain the importance of html in web page designing?


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Natalie Holeman answered

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) was the first language designed for use presenting data and images across the connected internet.  It provided a way to easily distinguish code from data to be presented.  It was also much easier to use than previous coding schemes TeX, Scribe, and GML that were used prior to the public internet by the military and universities that worked on and used ARPANet and MILNet. 

This made it the language of choice for creating webpages and even today is still the primary language through many of the original tags have been deleted with newer versions, it is still the primary language used to create web pages.

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Cascading Style Sheets, commonly known as CSS, is an integral part of the modern web development process. It is a highly effective HTML tool that provides easy control over layout and presentation of website pages by separating content from design.

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