What Are The Characteristics Of A Web-based Database Design?


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Following are some of the characteristics of Web-based Database Design and their explanation.

Global access:
The internet enables worldwide access, using existing infrastructure and standard telecommunications protocols. Access to database requires only a web browser and an internet connection.

Ease of use:
Web browsers provide a familiar interface that is user-friendly and easily learned.

Multiple platforms:
Web-based design is not dependent on a specific combination of hardware or software. All that is required is a browser and an internet connection.

Cost effectiveness:
Initial investment is relatively low, because the internet serves as the communication network. Users require only a browser, and web-based systems do not require powerful workstation. Flexibility is high, because numerous outsourcing options exist for development, hosting, maintenance, and system support.

Security issues:
Security is a universal issue, but internet connectivity raises special concerns. These can be addressed with a combination of good design, software that can protect the system and detect intrusion, stringent rules for passwords and user identification, and vigilant users and managers.

Adaptability issues:
The internet offers many advantages in terms of access, connectivity, and flexibility. Converting a traditional database design to the web, however, can require design modification, additional software, and some added expense.
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