Are engineers excellent writers?


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Matt Radiance answered

Basically these two majors have nothing to do with each other. But probably that would be individual, I mean not necessarily every engineer could be a writer, or opposite. These two jobs are not connected but anyhow but it's up to individual if they desired it or loved to follow both.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Not really and so they have what's called Tech writers who write for Engineers.  So Manuals and directions are usually written by these Tech Writers working closely with Engineers.  Now there are exceptions to every rule but in this case are pretty rare

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Really, what job someone does has nothing to do with writing. Writing is a gift that an individual is blessed with. You could be an engineer and be a great writer, or you could be a hobo and be a good writer. It is purely how your brain is wired.

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Tom Jackson answered

Some are, some aren't.

Engineers tend to be concrete thinkers; writers tend to be abstract thinkers.  (And this is a technical distinction--neither proclivity is better than the other---Google the concept.) 

"Generally speaking," engineers work with things a symbols to manipulate reality.  Writers work more with words.

Both can be equally intelligent, but may have different individual skills.

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Both my father and eldest son were/are accomplished engineers, and both were/are excellent writers beyond technical papers.  And I have known excellent engineers who couldn't convert a non-technical thought into a written expression with heart and soul to save their lives. However, these are just anecdotal evidences within my own life.  But I believe that to say in general that all engineers are excellent writers is like saying all accomplished writers are excellent engineers.  An aptitude for engineering and writing are two unrelated skills which may or may not coexist in one being.

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