Are engineers stereotypically excellent writers?


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When I first started out, I had a job as a typist for an engineering unit.  None of them were particularly good writers.  One fellow in particular, one of the management team, would give me letters to type - and they were incoherent.  A single letter would violate most of the basic rules of the English Language.  Lots of sentence fragments, run-ons, etc.  I would just rewrite the whole thing so that it made sense to me, and send the finished copy back to him for signature.  He always signed it. 

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if you mean their penmanship, at one time that was true. They, like architects, would need to label drawings very clearly so it could not be misinterpreted. Being off be a fraction could cost a small fortune, and some not so small fortunes. With the computer writing things now that isn't the case.

If you mean from a grammatical sense, most are not. They don't tend to think that way. They work with numbers and abbreviated terms, so they tend to think in those terms.

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They tend to be concrete thinkers rather than abstract thinkers.

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My husband is an engineer.  He's not really great with writing .. Unless you're taking about technical stuff. 

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