I want to do computer science at uni, what A levels would help for that, and do I need to no how to program to go to uni to do computer science, also once you have a degree in computer science, what kind of salary are you looking at on average?


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You're not going to earn much with that level of spelling and grammar. No, you don't need to know how to program beforehand but it would help tremendously. Most of the kids in CS programs have been programming since they were 12.

If you're going into computer science based on the money, you're going to have a nice big wake-up call in the form of a giant F. That's what IT/CIS/MIS degrees are for. As for starting salary, my recent hires accepted offers of 90-120k base salary, 10-50k cash signing bonus for 1 year obligation, and 100k-400k stock bonus with vesting period of 4 years. That's for BS degree in Computer Science. Masters and PH.Ds are somewhat higher.

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Nothing is set in stone, there is always time to improve.

My cusin have a BS in physics yet goes into jobs that only a computer scientist would usually do. But he still makes 90k salary. How can you make that much in an area that you haven't really studied.
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What's the job title? Regardless, I have some people here who don't even have a degree, but they know how to program since they were young and are really good at it. The key word here is actual programming.
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All I can say is it's in defence

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