What Do You Believe Is The Best Form Of Communication?


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Larry Patterson answered
I agree that face to face is best but depending on the subject.  If  it is related to business or any form of contract, it needs to be documented and agreed to in writing.
There is a saying: "An oral agreement isn't worth the paper it is written on"
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True, but there is another saying as well. "If his word is no good, his signature is no better". Oral agreements are perfectly suitable, if both parties are honorable people.
susan dixon
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as Bob said at BT 'its good to talk' and today there is so many ways to do this so keep in touch
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Face to face communication is the best, because you can see the body language also. You can see and express emotions, react quickly and see if somebody is lying too.
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kayla nichelle answered
Maybe well here's a list
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susan dixon answered
Talking and listening is a great way of communication

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