How is cactus grown in the desert?


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Desert nights are cool, even cold. Cacti open their stomata at that time. They take in carbon dioxide but lose very little moisture through transpiration into the night air. But no photosynthesis takes place at this time. The carbon dioxide is stored by a totally different and most efficient set of chemical reactions, called the PEP system. Later, the carbon dioxide is released and sent to the location where the usual daytime processes of photosynthesis take place.

Photosynthesis itself is a very complex process involving some 70 separate chemical reactions and has been declared “truly a miraculous event.” The special manner in which cacti initiate it at nighttime to preserve water only adds to the miraculousness of it. Evolutionists, of course, say that it all evolved by blind chance, but since it is used by several unrelated plants, blind chance had to perform the miracle not once but many times. The evidence plus common sense indicates that it came about according to the design of an intelligent Creator.

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