What are your predictions for life on Earth in 2116?


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In the US, president Fernando Kardashian, along with his secretary of state Wayout West, grandson of Kanye West, will declare war on Puerto Rico, not realizing they are the 52nd state of the US. This, all due to the shortage of Rum.
At the movie theaters, Starwars 18, Rocky 12, Saw 19 and the blockbuster of the century......Debbie Does Mars.

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Well , i had the tv on the channel of "the universe" for a few hours now. And in 1 of the episodes the host showed us there is supposedly gonna be a asteroid passing very close to earth on April 30 of 2049 or some date. I forgot what year they said.

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2016 will be the year of prestidigitation -- sleight of hand. Well sleight of mouth, really, and sleight of media.

Republicans will try to persuade us that Trump is just a good ole boy who loves everybody (except Muslims and Democrats) and the Dems, in their turn, will polish Hilary until she looks more like a colonial Boadicea than just another politician with an eye on the prize.

Putin will stand, Stalinesque among world leaders, as he declares his support of the war against ISIS will forgetting to mention his real reason for joining the war in Syria: To attack Syrian rebels and support Assad's regime.

In Oz the Labor Party will decorate the findings of the Trades Union corruption inquiry with tinsel and fairy lights and declare that it was all a misunderstanding. At the same time the churches will be dismissing the appalling stories of institutional paedophilia by pointing at each other and saying, "But they did it too."

And all we little people will continue as we did before: Captive audiences at the mercy of the spin doctors and the purveyors of political claptrap.

Does that sound cynical? It shouldn't. It always been so. Only the names of the players change.

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Yo Kass
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The question was about 2116 :) but that was a great (and very likely to come true) prediction for this year, so thank you!
Didge Doo
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Sorry, Kass. I missed that. I'll bet I'm not alone, either. :)
I'll think about 2116 and get back to you.
Jann Nikka
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Lol please do lol
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I read these predictions from BBC News ! I won't be around but those that are will be amazed !

Twenty top predictions for life 100 years from now - BBC News


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That a thought-provoking list, Rooster. I've skimmed it and bookmarked it. I'll go back and read it later. Thanks for posting it.

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