i like that the seasons change where i live, and we get snow in the winter, and 82 degree days in the summer. i wouldn't be able to stand having hot days for 12 months. also the snow gets rid most the mosquitos in the summer. what about you guys?


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I once worked with a Japanese woman who had moved from Japan to Hawaii where she lived for a few years. Like you, she missed the seasons. She said the weather in Hawaii was wonderful but she wanted change.

I guess it depends how you adapted to the region you grew up in.

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Rich Marzetti
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well for me , in the summer when there a couple weeks left of summer i cant wait for winter. and vise versa.
Didge Doo
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Clearly you don't live In England. There summer is a sunny afternoon with a shower of rain.
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Some changes always would be good. We have four beautiful colorful seasons and each and every one of them wear up the nature with unique appearances. A bit of experience from all of them would be pleasant.

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