There's a big winter storm headed for the east coast of the U.S. this weekend, what are some things that you would do to prepare for this storm?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

For me ? Stay in California and watch it on the news ! We've had some good rain storms lately and another on it's way ! But it's just rain ! A nice hot Pizza and a hot drink will help with that dang snow ! LOL

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Ancient Hippy answered

I'm right in the path of that storm and I'll just make sure that I have enough food in the house so I don't have to drive in that crap. My snow shovel is within reach and I already have a plow guy lined up to plow my looooong driveway.

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Maurice Korvo answered

East coast. I would stock up on candles, food that does not need refrigeration, blankets. And if you have no insulation in the house, if the power goes out, turn a tap on, so the flowing water (about 50 degrees F) keeps the water line from freezing. The moist snow you get there normally takes out the power, so be prepared for no electricity.

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Awesome Autumn answered

Stock up on food, blankets, coats, etc..

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

The roads here in North Carolina are already being salted. Also, I have a good stash of hot chocolate for me and coffee for Mrs. Goofyhawk. Here at Enterprise, we will be salting our sidewalks and main driveways tomorrow evening because, of course, we will be open no matter the terrors of winter. It's all about that green. We are epecting a few snowfalls today and then the big one hits on Friday. Two years ago was the Polar Vortex. Last year was the Snowpocalypse. This year: Snowmageddon!

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Phil Mayfield answered

Water, heat, food and light. Store jugs of water. Even fill your bath tub for flushing the toilet. Have portable heaters, at least one, like propane. Canned vegetables are already cooked and also contain drinkable water. Lighting such as candles, lanterns, flashlights. Also, in the winter, I always carry some survival wear in my car in case of emergency breakdowns. Like warm clothing in a plastic bag to keep them dry. And a battery back up charger for my cell phone.

After those necessities you can think about other things like a portable TV.

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otis campbell answered

You all need to stock up on some shine or vodka keeps you warm... a hot toddy, also spare fuel.

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PJ Stein answered

I live in FL now but when living up north, I would check the propane tank to make sure I had enough fuel should the power go out and that both cars had gas. (Lived a few places where power has been out for days, and that includes the gas stations.) We keep our pantry stocked so the only things I would buy are the basics like bread, milk, and eggs. I would also make sure I was caught up with laundry. (you don't want to run out of clean underwear, and you don't want to have to play catch up later.)

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