Does anyone know what a Chinook is? Have you ever experienced one? Dark clouds overhead, except in the west over the mountains, where there is an arch of blue sky. Hopefully the wind will pick up soon.


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It's one BEAST of a helicopter!

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Maurice Korvo
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Sure, they had to name a helicopter after a Chinook. Probably because of the wind. In Pincher Creek Alberta, they get winds over 100 mph and in 1962 the temperature, in one hour, went from -2 F to +72 F in one hour.
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Guess they did name it correctly! That's some interesting weather!
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When Leonardo DiCaprio shot The Revenant up here in 2014 he experienced a Chinook, and thought it was proof of global warming, but Chinooks have been here for thousands of years.
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Chinook is a city in Washington, near the mouth of the Columbia River.

It is also the name of a tribe, who lived near where the present city is, when Lewis & Clark explored the area.

It is also the name of the large, dual-rotor transport helicopters.

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Maurice Korvo
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Once again not the Chinook I was thinking of. January 15, 1972 the temperature changed from -54F to +48F in 24 hours in Loma, Montana due to a Chinook (that's -48 to +9 C)
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a warm dry wind that blows down the east side of the Rocky Mountains at the end of winter

Yep.  I lived in Billings, Montana when I was a kid.

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