Bummer. Looks like cloud cover here during the eclipse, and we're in a +90% zone. :( Will you have clear skies? How much coverage will you see?


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We are supposed to get an 80% eclipse in my area but the forecast calls for rain and thunderstorms. I guess I'll have to wait till 2024 to see the next total eclipse in the US.

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I hope we get some rain. I am tired of the 90 plus degree weather!

I have no clue if the eclipse will be in my path. I have learned not to bother cuz it's never what its hyped up to be. I am more excited if there will be rain in Cali!!!!

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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I think you're partial. It's better north of you.
I can't blame you for the rain dance. You deserve a break. 🔥
Yin And Yang
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Thank you my friend. I can't wait for the fresh air flow through out the house! :0)
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Only supposed to be a partial here, but cloud cover in the morning as usual, so nothing to see anyway :(

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