Why are ants physically capable of carrying more than their own body weight?


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Actually humans are a weak species, did you know that an Orangutan can bend a 1" thick steel bar bare handed? A chimp is 10 times stronger then the average human? Ants can do this because they evolved to have that ability, if they didn't have that ability, they'd never be able to move a pebble larger then they are.

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"Ants are super-strong on a small scale because their bodies are so light. Inside their hard exoskeletons, their muscles don’t have to provide much support, so they are free to apply all their strength to lifting other objects. Humans, in contrast, carry comparatively heavy loads due to our body weight. With our muscles supporting our body weight, we don’t have as much strength left over to lift other objects."

Or perhaps that little old ant just had high hopes.

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