Who is doing the rain dance? Stop its pouring down again here we no longer need rain send it to california.


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Mountain Man answered

Maybe if we all start chanting NO RAIN!! NO RAIN!!!

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Ray Dart answered

Absolutely true. About 20 years ago I was working in Lagos, Nigeria. The local maintenance company, Julius Berger, were starting to run late repairing the Eko bridge across the Lagoon.

The rainy season was about to start (it can be predicted to within a few days). The onset of the rainy season would effectively stop any work on the bridge until it was over, about 3 months.

Julius Berger employed a witch-doctor (by a different name) to STOP the rain.

The rain arrived about three weeks late that year.

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Otis, Fox 26 said rain is headed your way to Galveston.

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