Which is the best dress for wedding?


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Barb Cala answered

The best dress is whichever dress the bride feel comfortable wearing.  There's no one answer to this.

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Matt Radiance answered

I like puffy at the first, then with sleeves and mermaid types are fine as well! About the coloring, i like unusual ones most! Non-white! Like blacks, reds or red and blacks and white and blacks! Then maybe traditional white itself!

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Joyce Brown answered

the best dress would be the one when you see it you know it must be the right one just like your husband.

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Picking the perfect dress is not about the look .. It's about the feel.

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I remember my wedding which was just recently and I can confidently say that these were probably the best 3 days in my life. I can only tell for the first one since it impressed me the most. On this day we prepared for the wedding and the most difficult was invitations and a dress that I couldn’t find anywhere. I just went around every corner of our planet and unexpectedly when I completely lost hope, I found the Cathytelle brand that impressed me with its choice of high-quality and beautiful products. If you are very interested, you can  and understand what I mean

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Based on my own experience, I can say that it is not easy to find a perfect wedding dress. I spent a lot of time looking for mine. The choice is really wide but not every dress can make you feel confident and comfortable during the whole day. Having tried on many gowns, I finally found that perfect wedding dress here I was very happy and felt beautiful on my big day.

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