Would u volunteer to be a astronaut to perform majiuana experiments on yourself in outer space?


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No. In 50 plus years of living I've known hundreds of people that have smoked marijuana unfortunately  I have not known any of these people to have benefitted from smoking marijuana I know people who have stories of how it helped them and made them feel good cure all illnesses. I'm just saying I've never known anyone to be healed and better benefits.  As a matter of fact I've known several people that have died smoking marijuana whether  or not marijuana was the cause of that that I don't know.  I've known people that were homeless, jobless, homeless, senseless,  lost jobs , lost their children, homeless.  Crazy and lazy but found time to smoke. And went on to other stuff like heroin and cocaine so I guess there's some benefits of course I don't know anybody that benefited.  I know everybody has stories and they know people that it  healed, cure and makes them feel good. I just don't know any people. 

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SIr Shine Master, no apology necessary or asked for or needed. You absolutely have not offend me.
I was just ranting as I sometimes do. Your questions are excellent and I'm happy to put my 1 cent in the mix.
I was doing what I do best talking and couldn't get back to Blurtit to "Thank" folks.
I'm definitely not offended and it never cross my mind.
😊Please forgive me for causing you worry.
Please still sent me 2 cases of Strawberry Shine. Thank you 😍
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Im out of strawberry shine all i have is lemonade shine i will send u two cases
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Send them :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))
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All aboard Bong I, powered by maryjane. The orbit may be a bit skewed but it's for science after all.

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I've never tried to print photos with it but I do know that you must use a different paper type than the ink jet photo paper.
I put a new toner in my printer and it lasts me for a few years.
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I think I've found my next research project. My photography hobby is gonna send me to the poor house!
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I can believe that. Ink is super expensive.
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Aren't I silly enough already?

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I would consider any kind of project but not this one! It's a big risk! And any sort of drug can be addictive and play with your will, and that is not self choice, it plays with the mind, right in the brain, tease a particular tiny area which gives the guilty pleasure and you will be busted if you feel it deep.

However i will consider doing it for one reason only, that the reason behind the project be big enough and meaningful. If the cause be worth it, then it's bigger than my life to give it up for something bigger.

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Need I really answer this ??? LOL

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