How much total time of day and night on the moon?


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Because of the way the moon rotates, there is no night and day changes. The bright side of the moon is lit all of the time, the dark side is always dark.

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When the moon and the sun are at opposite ends of the sky, we see what we call a full moon rising in the east as the sun sets in the west. As the days pass, the moon rises later each night, gradually making its way across the sky toward the rising sun. The illuminated portion of the moon gets progressively smaller, eventually becoming a mere crescent. When the moon shares the sky with the sun all day, even that crescent vanishes and the moon, with its dark side facing the earth, is virtually invisible. This is called a new moon. Then the process reverses, with the moon drawing away from the sun and finally returning to full. This cycle repeats approximately every 28 days.

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