How Much Time The Moon Light Take To Reach Earth?


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The distance between Moon and earth = 239,000 Miles.

Light travels at the rate  = 186,000 Miles Per Sec.

time Moon Light Take To Reach Earth = distance/ rate
= 239000/186000
= 5/4

= 1.25 0r 1.3 sec.

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The moon light does not emit a light source, for the record. It is the sun's light that illuminates the moon need I inform you. With light traveling at just over 186,00 miles per second, the moon is only 250,00 miles from earth. It will only take a little over 1.3 seconds to reach us.
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If you know the figures of the distance between the Earth and the moon, and the speed of light, it isn't that difficult to figure out:

Distance: 239,000 miles
Speed of Light = 186,000 miles per second

Time = Distance/Rate

Time = 239,000 / 186,000

You should come out around 1.3 seconds... So it takes 1.3 light seconds for light to travel from the Earth to the moon.

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While the distance of moon to earth's surface is 357000km, moon light is belong to a kind of light, its velocity in air is about 300000km/s, so the time  is  about  1.19s. Hope it helps, good luck
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This depends on the distance from the moon's surface to the earth's surface, which varies in orbit.

If you take an average distance of 350,600,000 m and divide by the speed of light in a vacuum 299,792,458 m/s you get approximately 1.17 seconds.
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Very very close people, but it's actually 1.26 seconds, so the Moon is 1.26 seconds older than what it appears to be.

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